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All About Auctions provides a welcoming and professional buying atmosphere at both in-house and on-site auctions. Our team can provide you with independent advice on purchasing product through our auctions. Our general auctions happen every Thursday at 10.00am at our conveniently located auction house at 643 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland. We also run on-site auctions at different locations around Auckland and throughout New Zealand. If you are interested in buying at Auction and seeing what deals are available you can sign up for our auction alerts on the side of this page. Our auction alerts will email you one day prior to an auction so that you don’t miss out on some huge deals!

How can I bid?

We accept all standard forms of bidding, you must register for absentee or phone bidding prior to the day which can be done online, and you can register for on-site bidding at the location, on the day of the auction.

Absentee Bidding

Absentee bidding is a great way to secure the best deals without taking time out of our busy schedule. It’s perfect if you’re a buyer who knows what price you are willing to pay. You can fill out the form, specify your item and price and away we go. We can also offer you professional and independent buying advice as part of our service. However if the item goes above the bid you have specified be aware you may miss out. Phone bidding is another great option we offer. If Absentee bidding sounds right for you please fill out the online form prior to the auction or download the pdf and send it back to us.

Phone Bidding

Phone bidding is another option for the busy buyer, you can either send a representative to bid over the phone on your behalf or use one of our staff members to place your over-the-phone bids. Please fill out the online form prior to the auction or download the pdf and send it back to us.

If you are having trouble with any of these forms or would like to discuss your bidding method further please give us a ring on 09 579 7060

Looking for something in particular?

If you have a particular type of good in mind that you would like to purchase please fill out our form below or give us a call to discuss. We can keep an eye out in the market for you and let you know when we find the goods!